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One Dollar

With the economy in the toilet and Joe the plumber not paying his taxes let’s examine the US Dollar. Hit up the dollar store on Chestnut and see what you can buy for a dollar. This you must use as a prop in all your pictures for this ride. You are encouraged to include yourself, a fellow XPLR’er or a random Philadelphian in the picture.

Dollar Store
Let’s see what you can still buy for a dollar. Buy a prop from the one dollar wall. Choose wisely b/c this prop will have to be featured in your photos.

Rittenhouse Square
Now take your prop and take pictures of yourself, each other or random Philadelphians. Be creative.

is America’s oldest Diamond District (est. 1851) and one of the largest. Here hundreds of independent jewelrystores line the brick paved streets with virtually an unlimited selection of fine jewelry. Swap props with someone and take more silly pictures.

Upload your photos and send them to our Flickr group. Tag them with
‘XPLR’and ‘OneDollar’.