Calling all creative individuals passionate about art and urban exploration. XPLR is a Philadelphia based photography+biking club.1-267-987-5154

Hidden City

XPLRing is the act of searching the undiscovered. In this ride we will uncover some hidden parts of Philadelphia.

Movable Parts

Kinetic art contains movable components and can be powered by wind or motor. Today we’ll catch human powered sculptures at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. The derby is not a race, but a design competition and parade celebrating human powered-transit and art in Kensington.
Upload your photos and send them to our Flickr group. Tag them [...]

Art Jump

Get your friends together. Find a painting you like. Become so excited by what you see that you have to jump! Take a picture.
For all the details and RSVP click here:
And check out Allison’s Art Jump blog to get inspired and get some spring in your step: Or read this article about Art [...]


Piñatas have been used for hundreds of years across the world to celebrate special occasions. Here in Philly, we recently celebrated the Phillies’ World Series win and Halloween. So what will we celebrate today? Well… whatever we feel like! We will ride to Washington Ave. and Broad St. to check out a giant (six story [...]

One Dollar

With the economy in the toilet and Joe the plumber not paying his taxes let’s examine the US Dollar. Hit up the dollar store on Chestnut and see what you can buy for a dollar. This you must use as a prop in all your pictures for this ride. You are encouraged to include yourself, [...]

Think Different

Today, we will lend our photographic talents to Cheetah Express, Inc. The goal is to provide them
with some quality photos to be used for marketing on their website. The photos will all feature Apple
products, which we will have to use as props. Today’s ride has just one stop, Rittenhouse Square
Park, where we will be briefed [...]